Why Lent Is for All Christians

A common misconception about the Christian season of Lent is that it’s only for the other Christians: the Catholic Christians, the super-spiritual Christians, the Orthodox Christians, or the millennial Christians who’ve decided they love liturgy and incense.

But Lent isn’t just for a select few Christians. Indeed, all Christians are invited to participate in this spiritually formative season — not to earn their salvation, but to internalize what it means to be saved. We need a spiritual spring to clear the brush and make room in our souls for the Gospel to take root.

I didn’t grow up observing Lent. I was raised to follow Jesus by reading and obeying the Scriptures, which never once mentioned the word “Lent.” But along the way, I discovered that the path of Lent — fasting, prayer and generosity over a period of time — is heavily emphasized by the authors of and characters in the Bible, including Moses, Elijah, and Jesus. Our Savior himself commended all three Lenten disciplines in his famous Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 6:1-18) and expected that his disciples would fast after his resurrection (Matthew 9:15).

Jesus himself wore the gentle harness of fasting, prayer and generosity. It yoked him closely to his Father’s love and power. And his earliest followers followed suit.



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