Memory Verse: Eph. 5:11 “Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them.”


Every human being on earth is a partaker of one of two natures. No one shares the two natures at the same time; you either have one or lose the other. They are human nature and divine nature. You must compulsorily take part in one and only one. Certainly, by natural birth, all human beings are partakers of the sinful nature because of disobedience of our forebears, Adam and Eve. This is the seed of unrighteous nature of sin and worldliness governed by the prince of this world-satan, the devil himself. Such it is that no matter the church you attend, or how spiritual your parents are, or how graciously you are taught or motivated, you will continue in your ungodly way because of your sinful nature until you meet with Jesus Christ. For instance, Apostle Paul, a learned man, persecuted Christians until the loving trap of God caught up with him (Acts 9) and his life was never the same again.

This is why a person is a sinner, not only because of sins but also that the nature of the devil-the old man (sin) is in him. It is easy for two unbelievers to become friends because they are partaking in the same nature, and vice versa for Christians. But true believers will never and can never easily/cheaply/directly/ sincerely become an un-believer’s friend, except for a special purpose. The divine nature is God’s nature and we become partakers and part sharers of this nature when we are in Christ. Why? Because we are a born again creature, our birth is from above, the invincible changing the visible; the human nature is passed away. All things become new (John 3:3).

In this nature is light and no darkness. There is no trace of human capability for sin or its practices. There is light and transparency and proof of what God accepts. Light is the truth so walk in the truth of God’s word and no trace of deceit will exist. No one in the light hates the truth. So love to hear and practice all truths.

Conclusively, sing the hymn EMHB 404 – How blest is life if lived for Thee,

PRAYER: Lord, help me to bear fruits that will show that I am of the light. Amen.

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