VIDEO RELEASE: ‘Tulu Ugo’ – Season’s Praise Special by Obiora Obiwon

When studying the etymology of the Igbo phrase “Tulu Ugo” a few words stand out. “Tulu Ugo” simply means, “Take Glory” but there is a deeper meaning to it. After trying so hard to resolve this, Obiora Obiwon enlisted the help of his younger sister and music minister, Soluchy  to help out. “Ugo” in Igbo literally means the eagle but also used to as a word for “glory”, as in names like Ugonna, Ugochukwu etc.

The correlation of the message within the translation is inspiring. When one looks at the eagle, the king of the animals in the air, it can be easily understood why one of the Igbo words for glory is related to it. “Tulu” could mean put on, or put upon, but Obiora Obiwon was not satisfied with the phrase, “Put On Glory”, until Soluchy suddenly described it as “Clothe Yourself With Glory”.

He believes it is a dangerous act of praise to ask God to clothe Himself with glory, to display and demonstrate the full extent of His indescribable beauty and glorious power, as His children praise Him.


In essence, it is asking God to show off, but that’s what the song aims to attain – inspire people to move closer in praise, conversation and faith. ‘Tulu Ugo’ is a song to inspire an uninhibited worship dance, a full-bodied praise. It is Obiora Obiwon’s desire that Christians in this season will be bold enough to declare high praises to their maker by saying. ‘Tulu Ugo’ for God’s mercies, favour and sustaining grace.

It is also Obiora Obiwon’s prayer that God will show up for us all in 2018.


Please download the video, audio and album here


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