Pursuing Our Kingdom Dreams

By Obiora Obiwon

#‎Passion is the fuel for ‪#‎dreams.

A dream can only survive the harsh realities of the present, when there is a passion to sustain it.

What you dream of now and pursue becomes your reality in the future! When others don’t see it, when you’re the only one that believes in it, when the harsh realities of your present don’t support it, only a passion for the dream can sustain it and see it through.

If your dream is God given and you choose to follow it (there is always a choice to be made), then a passion for it will be there, what sometimes in spiritual parlance may be referred to as a “burden”. I believe that all God-given dreams come naturally with a drive, a push, that is a passion.

One can lose zeal for a dream and that is when we need to intimately seek God. All you need is for Him to give you a new dream/vision or a new angle to an already given dream, then the fire to pursue it will be available.

We need to stay close through the entire journey by spending quality time talking and listening to Him about the dream… then you get re-inspired.

Can you see the connection?


(The Conveyor and Enabler of all Divine Dreams)

Abraham, Joseph, David, Gideon, Nehemiah, the Lord Jesus all had a vision and a drive that those around them couldn’t see and they persisted…until it became reality.

Be ‪#‎passionate about what you do and do only what you are #passionate about.

Get up go get it!

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