Pastor Kumuyi declares 2017 as a year of making Progress

The general superintendent of the Deeper Christian Life Ministry, Pastor Williams Kumuyi has urged Nigerians to forget the past and move on; emphasizing that the year 2017 is a year of making progress.

Kumuyi who gave the assurance yesterday during his preaching titled “The Prosperity Of Diligent Believers In Recession” at the combined service held at the church headquarters in Lagos said that a time like this, especially in recession is a time of generous giving so that the needed process would manifest.

The man of God however, advised some people who failed to recognise giving because they believe there is no much in the land, to always give so that they can receive.

“You will only receive more when you reach out to others who are needy. I pray the Lord will give everyone the grace to give. Forget the past and move on because this year is a year of making progress,” Kumuyi announced.

Pastor Kumuyi also proffered superior way to beat economic recession, urging his members to be dutiful and never encourage idleness in their lives.

Kumuyi warned members not to use recession as an excuse for not working with foresight to achieve the best.

According to the man of God, “we need to work with foresight that is every believer must learn to work with their hands which is the commandment given to everyone in the book of Ephesians chapter 4 verse 28, which admonishes us not only to work with our hands but also with our hearts and before we can do that, we need to allow our heart work together with the head and then our hands to do things which are good. It should not be illegitimate thing rather things that are legitimate.”

“Whatever the exchange rate everyone should boldly say none of this things move me and never give in to slothfulness in business but be tough-minded in multiplying it’s productivity in famine,” he added.

Kumuyi advised that, in order to multiply, you must work together with hands that are ready to work, adding that networking with the best hands brings out success in everyone that contributed.

He further explained that if Jesus actually networked during his time on earth why people can’t do the same.

“So also the apostles did the same and they taught us to work together in our businesses which could be read in the Bible in Luke 10 verse 1 and 1 Corinthians 3 verse 6,” Kumuyi said.

Kumuyi lamented laziness will only bring fear, lukewarmness, idleness, disobedient, fault-finding, feebleness.

However, he narrated that even though ants are small creatures, they anticipate for the future and as well assist their fellow and always attend to duty without fault-finding. He therefore, encouraged members to help sisters or brothers who are doing the same trade with them so as to network together to do things that will eventually yield profit for the both of them, whether in the secular or doing the spiritual thing.

According to him, tough-minded people will give no excuses for failure, exception for fate; rather, they will give in to diligence without despair, decision with determination, deafness to distraction.

Despite famine in the land, Kumuyi said only wise people like the industrious ants will arise and be well doing and will be undependable brethren.

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