Overboard for the Lord


HYMN: EMHB 361 – Where shall my wandering soul begin?
The congregation at Philippi must have come under the influence of Judaisers. Jewish Christians insisted that Gentile Christians should be circumcised and keep the Law of Moses. Paul, also having been set free from the old bondage, warns them to watch out for those dogs, those mutilators of the flesh (Phil 3:2).  He does not even use the word “circumcision” but refers to it as mutilation. He insists that those who are truly circumcised are those who believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and rely on what He has done on the Cross. (Phil 3:3). They can be said to have circumcised their sinful nature when they put their trust in Christ. The life they live now is a life of faith. They are the ones who worship God in the Spirit. Such people do not attach value to their race or social status or anything else that may have been important to them before they became Christians.

In the past, Paul had been extremely proud of his Jewish identity and his adherence to Jewish identity and traditions. Circumcised on the 8th day, raised as Pharisee, had zeal for the law such that he persecuted the Church. But now being overboard for the Lord, he now dismisses the status and dignity given to him by his race, religion, rites and tradition as rubbish. He says in verse 7 “But what things were gain to me, those I counted (as) loss for Christ”
Do you still remain the same after embracing Christ? John Wesley became overboard for Christ. God hates luke-warmness and tepid Christianity. Repent and do the first works. (Rev 2:5).
MEMORY VERSE: REV 21:7 “He that overcomes shall inherit all things and I will be his God and he shall be My son.”
PRAYER: Lord, what can I do to repay for all that You did and continue to do for me? Words are inadequate. Accept my thanks from deep down my heart. Amen.

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