Obiwon’s Christmas Gift and Message

Let’s Celebrate Christmas!

Every single time we celebrate Christmas, we may forget and many don’t know that what we are saying is that Jesus is coming, again, …. and surely not as a baby.

Just look at how everything that happens at Christmas is symbolic of how it will be just before the Lord returns:

1. Look around see all the activity, the running around, the traffic, so much haste, etc. The good book says that in the last days men shall run to and fro (Daniel 12:4). I believe all our running around every Christmas is a type and a symbol of how the very last days shall be before His glorious appearing.

2. Literally everybody in the world celebrates or marks Christmas. I even heard recently of a Christmas tree erected in one of the Arab nations to give them “hope”. You will see that all peoples whether atheist or herbalist and whether they accept that Christmas is about Christ or not do identify with the love, joy and hope that Christmas brings. Now whether one accepts it not, one can’t deny that Christmas is a celebration that’s been institutionalised in the name of Jesus Christ, the very reason for the season. Even “believers” who haven’t been in church all year long show up to identify with “mary’s boy child Jesus”.

When Jesus returns, everybody will want to identify with Him. He will glaringly be the King of kings and the Lord of lords, before all who have and who haven’t lived for Him. Just like it is at Christmas now, everybody will want to belong and will want to associate with Him._

This is something that true followers of Jesus should lovingly emphasize every Christmas to all people around them: This Jesus is not a fairy tale, He came, He was, He is and He is to be.

Christmas is the biggest celebration in the entire world every single year, year in year out. Nothing and no event and no man that ever walked the earth is celebrated in such a manner. This is because Jesus is the greatest and the best of all times and for all eternity. Everything you ever heard about Him is true and everything He ever said He is and He will do is true. Some of us know and have left everything to follow Him and experience Him daily. If you haven’t, or you are still following Him by lips or only at Christmas or only when it is convenient, please get on His right side today and enjoy Him fully. You don’t want to be on the wrong side of His lion-like judgement and fury for those who play seasonal games with him: _”I know your works, that you are neither hot nor cold…” (Rev. 3:15)._

_As you leave all to truly follow Jesus the Christ whom we are celebrating His mass, may your entire life and destiny be merry, this Christmas and for always!_

Here’s my Christmas gift to you, a song apt for this season from my new album, a song called *”Oh Jesus”*

DOWNLOAD FOR FREE “Oh Jesus” mp3: https://goo.gl/yaFvOD

Merry Christmas!

– Obiora Obiwon

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