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#MyFavouriteVerse: Numbers 14:28

“Say unto them, as truly as I live, saith the Lord, as ye have spoken in mine ears, so will I do to you”

Numbers 14:28 KJV

The first time I saw this scripture, my reaction was that of a big surprise. I said, ‘really?’ God is actually going to do what he hears me say? That’s interesting! I thought God was the one who dictated everything.

In the preceding verses, the children of Israel were grumbling about what they were going through. They had forgotten everything God took them through and where He was taking them to. So in a temporary movement of lack or hardship, they became ingrates. They spoke more about troubles and what they didn’t have so God got angry. Since they were talking death, He decided to kill them.

From this scripture, I learnt that even if God has a good plan for your life, you may unconsciously alter it because of careless speaking. You need to really mind what you say at all times.

My take away from the scripture includes:

  1. Be careful what you say because God is listening and He promised to do what you say;
  2. When things are temporarily tough, don’t forget how you’ve been blessed;
  3. Don’t cut yourself out of God’s predestination because of your current desolation.

I use the scripture to check myself so that I don’t utter things that can affect my future when my present circumstances are not encouraging.

Author: Fola Daniel Adelesi

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