Monday 13th March| JOYFUL GATHERING

MONDAY 13TH MARCH, 2017 READ – Day: 1 Cor. 8-9; Night: Lev 23-24
TEXT: HEBREWS 12:18-24
HYMN: EMHB 351 – I hear Thy welcome voice.
In this passage, the writer pictures two gatherings on two different mountains – Mount Sinai and Mount Zion. The first gathering was on Mount Sinai, where the people of Israel gathered in fear and trembling. In other words, they were very afraid because of the personality involved (Ex. 19: 12-22). The gathering at Sinai can mean a gathering of darkness, a gathering where there is no freedom, a gathering filled with laws and it was a gathering that promotes instant execution of judgment. It was a gathering which made people, even Moses, the leader, tremble in fear.
The second gathering, on the other hand, was the gathering at Mount Zion. It was described as a joyful gathering. It was a gathering of the Saints; a gathering unto the city of the living God, the new Jerusalem, where God is the judge of all.
Therefore, brethren, it is now left for us to make our choice, either to go back to Mount Sinai where freedom and liberty are denied or to move forward with patience and faith to Mount Zion, where love, forgiveness and eternal life are available.
Beloved, are you still wasting your time in sin? I urge you now to accept Jesus Christ our mediator, who died on the cross of Calvary, sprinkled and spilled the most precious blood for our sake. For His blood speaks forgiveness, freedom and liberty, boldness and joy in the Holy Ghost. Come to Him and He will make you His friend forever. Amen.

MEMORY VERSE: Heb. 12:24 “And to Jesus the mediator of the new covenant, and to the blood of sprinkling, that speaks better things than that of Abel.”

PRAYER: Lord, help me to attain the fullness of joy in the Holy Ghost. Amen.

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