Mega Church Pastor Pete Wilson Resigns


The popular mega church pastor Wilson resigns from his position at Nashville’s Cross Point Church after serving the church for 14 years. He told his congregation that he was tired and broken. He started he church in 2003.

In his Sunday address, Wilson told the congregation that he prioritized creating a church community “where everyone’s welcome because nobody’s perfect,” and it took away from other equally important things in his life.

Wilson said, he has been leading empty and leaders are not to be leading empty. So it’s better to leave than to lead them.

Wilson’s resignation was “100 percent his decision” and we tried to talk him out of leaving. He has the support of the board and church leadership, said the church elders.

“He was ready to get rest and start a new season. Pete even indicated he would always be available to help us answer any questions — we plan to take him up on his offer!” the board said. “We can’t wait to watch all that God has in store for Pastor Wilson.”

“I love you all; I love the vision of this church more today than I ever have. Situation moving”, Wilson said.

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