Lent is for TURNING: The Pathway of Repentance



DAILY PRAYER REQUEST: Lord, help me to turn towards you.

We need to be clear that turning towards the Lord is never a once-off experience. Our conversion always continues. Hence we are invited to make repentance a daily way of life – a life-long process of turning toward God that happens one day at a time. As we do this, with the help of God’s grace, we find our minds and hearts being gradually renovated. We begin to think more and more with the mind of Christ and to love with the heart of Christ. This is why repentance must not only be understood as the doorway into our life with God; it is also the pathway along which we walk in the kingdom of God day by day.

Pray your daily prayer request. Put this question at the heart of your “desert space” time with God today: How do I need to turn towards God today? One helpful way to get practical about this question is to reflect on where in your daily life you often insist on your own way rather than follow God’s way. Allow your reflections to lead you into a time of confession and repentance with God. Know that as you do this you are deeply loved by God. Nothing can ever change this gospel fact.

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