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LENT IS FOR FASTING – Using Food Unwisely


DAILY PRAYER REQUEST: Lord, deepen our focus on you.

Food is certainly one of God’s most special gifts to us. Jesus loved mealtimes. Often we read of him enjoying food and drink with his friends around the table. But like all of God’s gifts it is also possible to use food unwisely. This happens in so many different ways. Sometimes food becomes the main source of our pleasure and peace, or the way we comfort ourselves in our pain, or a strategy to win friends and influence people. Fasting has a way of bringing these things to the surface. It does this usually through those thoughts and feelings we have when we want to eat during our fast. This is why it is so important to reflect on what happens within us when we fast with the Lord.

Pray the daily prayer request. Today reflect on the place of food and eating in your life. What is your favourite meal? With whom do you love to share a meal? In what ways do you sometimes use food unwisely? In what ways could food possibly become a god in your life? How was it going without a meal yesterday? Use these reflections as a beginning point for thanksgiving and confession. Give thanks to God consciously for your food at one mealtime today. Let your meal be a sign of God’s goodness and provision.

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