Leave your comfort zone


TEXT: Mark 16:15-20

Memory Verse: Pro 11:30 “The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life, and he who wins souls is wise”


People in sports generally give themselves to training regimes. They do this so as to build their skills and ensure incremental feats that would place them ahead of their contemporaries. In horse racing, a second ahead of others may earn the winner millions of dollars. Athletes and sports people thus discipline themselves in routine exercise that would give them an edge above others. This is not possible within the confines of a comfort zone.

Human beings by nature do not like to leave their comfort zones. Even in spiritual things, many of us can make do with sound sleep in the right other than keeping vigil all night in prayers. If the disciples of Jesus were given the right of choice, maybe they would prefer to stay in Jerusalem and build their “Tower of Babel’ there. This would have been at variance with the purpose of Jesus Christ coming into the world for the salvation of all mankind, irrespective of colour, language or tribe. Hence, the disciples had to leave their zone and ‘Go into the world.. “

Beloved Brother/Sister, you are Christ’s ambassador. You are commanded to go into the world (Matt 28:19-20). Perhaps you are confused about the definition of the world Jesus meant! Wherever the Lord places or leads you is your world. People find themselves in the world of academics, politics, business, social service, civil service, etc. Whichever of these you find yourself, go into it with the mind that you are representing Christ whose goal is to save mankind. It may definitely cause you some discomfort, but the inconvenience is nothing to be compared with the guilt you will have if anyone in your world is lost because of your negligence of the Great Commission. Are you ready to leave your comfort zone for Christ’s sake.?

Conclusively, sing the hymn 596- Make me a captive, Lord

PRAYER: Eternal Father, the helper of the helpless, help me to spend and be spent for your kingdom.

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