Having  Positive Confessions in 2017

Sunday, 1st January, 2017 
Theme: Positive Confession   
Text: Numbers 13:26-33
HYMN: EMHB 525 – Through the love of God, Our Saviour, All will be well
Memory Verse: Numbers 13:30 “And Caleb stilled the people before Moses and said ‘let us go up at once and possess it for we are well able to overcome it’.”
Today is the first day of the Year 2017, it is a Sunday, a day of the Lord. What a good day to start the new year! I therefore, welcome you into the New Year, a year of great expectations, a year of breakthrough and a year of multiple blessings for those who ask for and confess them.
I know many of us made the so-called “New Year Resolutions” which many only keep for a few days in January. A chain smoker who promises to abandon smoking has kept promise a few days before Satan changes his mind set. Our text for today is “Positive Confession”. In the passage, Moses had chosen 12 spies, one from each of the 12 tribes of Israel to go and spy on the land of Canaan which God had given unto the children of Israel. Moses did this to satisfy the request of the people (DT. 1:19-22). This itself means that the Israelites did not believe God who had given the land to them. However the 12 spies left and “after 40 days” came back with two different reports. The minority report of Joshua and Caleb was that “we are able to conquer the land” while report of the other 10 spies was full of negative things. Only Joshua and Caleb reached the promised-land while others died in the wilderness. Say to yourself ‘ I will reach my Canaan this year in Jesus’ name.’
As the year is only a few hours old, be positive in whatever you say about the year. Say it loud and clear that –
I will make it this year in Jesus’ name;

It shall be well with Nigeria this year in Jesus’ name;

No evil shall befell me, my business, my family, etc;

I will enjoy good health throughout the year in Jesus’ name;

I will triumph over my enemy in Jesus’ name;

I will eat the fruit of my labour and no stranger will harvest what I labour for, throughout this year;

All weapons fashioned against me, the church and all my friend and well-wishers shall not hit its target, rather, it shall fail in Jesus’ name. 
Prayer: Everything God created shall work for my good and the good of our nation throughout this New Year in Jesus’ name. Amen. 

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