#FloodGates: Meeting a child of providence

By Obiora Obiwon

You know it surely must be a blessed day for you to step out in the morning and run into none other than the ‪#‎inspiring ‪#‎Olajumoke Orisaguna! Catapulted by ‪#‎Divine providence from ‪#‎breadseller to‪#‎celebrated ‪#‎model in the time it takes for you you to pronounce her full name?.

I didn’t even know how much of her fan I was until I met her personally.. and I’m glad she’s still very nice. No matter who you are I bet you can relate with her story… because we all have or have had situations in our lives in which only God’s miraculous intervention can help us out! ‪#‎Selah

Would this photo have mattered a couple of months back? No… but when my ‪#‎Father shows off His raw wonder-working ‪#‎power and ‪#‎sovereignty to demonstrate that “He lifts the poor from the dust and the needy from the garbage dump. He sets them among princes, placing them in seats of honor…” (1 Sam 2:8), one can’t help but marvel and rejoice.

Does all promotion come from ‪#‎God? Nope. You can be promoted by God or you can be promoted by ‘the god of this world’, depending on who’s‪#‎kingdom your current work is serving their interest. I personally submit that her ‪#‎promotion is Divine, since she was met humbly working for daily bread with dignified labour (no pun intended).

I pray that #Olajumoke will always remember where her Help is from and will dedicate her ‪#‎life, work and family to this Source through His son Jesus, so that her ‪#‎blessing will not add any sorrow.

So I can choose to focus on all the plausible theories of what can go wrong with her instant ‪#‎celebrity status or focus on what clearly here is a demonstration of Divine ‪#‎elevation… I choose to focus on the latter and I urge you to focus on that too, because no matter where you are and what you’ve attained in life, God’s ‪#‎mercy can locate you too for a Divine show off!

Anybody wey say make I no tap into her ‘anointing’ … ? … … (fill in the gap).

Congrats all over Olajumoke!

Open the ‪#‎Floodgates!

‪#‎Motivational ‪#‎Inspiration ‪#‎Bunibe

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