Excellence in Ministry

By Obiora Obiwon

I’m grateful to all the gospel media organizations who showcase my latest music videos!

However, this post is about mainstream media who do showcase these videos: MTVBase, SoundCity, HipTV (Floodgates shown on Top Notch Videos), 1Music, Boom Town among many others. .


Because by showing my two gospel music videos on their channels, against the grain of what we’ve majorly come to believe about gospel music, they show that a combination of faith and excellence opens new doors.

I don’t have the best made music videos. I do not have the greatest faith. But somehow I have believed that a good music video is a good music video, even if you don’t like the content.

I’m just saying this to encourage all my brothers and sisters in the ministry to combine their ministry anointing and faith with excellence and creativity. To me, that is one of the keys to reaching the unchurched and the lost.

The natural man can argue faith things, but it’s almost impossible to argue excellence. If the sky is beautiful it is beautiful, everyone agrees, whether they agree Jesus made it or not. However, the common point of that beauty opens up a spot in the spirit where you can introduce the gospel.

Apostle Paul used this a lot. His learned speech and ways made it possible for him to reach gentiles and the authorities with the gospel and made his ministry different from that of Peter and James (who by the way also did great things for the Kingdom).

It is not easy at all because many times excellence/creativity has serious cost implications. Many times on this side it seems unwise delving deep financially, when you basically minister free of charge; but when you think of it, is there anything too much to sacrifice for the gospel of Christ?

No doubt without the anointing, excellence means nothing.

It is empty but as you go for the main thing which is the anointing, you lose nothing but gain something by adding excellence to it.
You know, I think about it this way, if our Heavenly Father is the Most Excellent, the Creator, Owner of all creativity, should anyone outside of Him really have more creativity and excellence than us?


Lord please enable me and everyone reading this. In your mighty Name Jesus. Amen


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