DEVOTIONAL: Wisdom is better than Strength


Thursday 9th March 2017

Theme: Wisdom is Better than Strength

Text: Ecclesiastes 9:13-18

EMHB 514- He that is down needs fear no fall


Grammatically, the comparative “better” is from the word “good.” Strength is good because is the physical power to carry out demanding tasks, while wisdom is better because it is good sense shown in a way of thinking, judgement or action. It can be called prudence.

In terms of battle, according to our passage, a small community may face a larger one and conquer them because of wisdom. Ordinarily, a large community should overcome a small one but with wisdom, the reverse is the case. Irrespective of the strength of the larger community, the wisdom of a small community with little strength is better because the small will control the larger community despite its strength. Wisdom is acquired both by the rich and the poor. Wisdom of the poor may be despised as we saw in the text but it is better than weapons of war because of its relevance (verse 16).

Wisdom here is not that gained as a result of old age, experience from work, education, position (though good) but that which comes from God. It is not the wisdom of the world, but divine wisdom which the world does not have. This wisdom is gained by studying the Word of God, praying to God for direction in times of confusion and fearing God in all things. Lack of it could spell doom to anybody or people. Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom and with all your getting, get understanding (Proverbs 4:7).  Above all, Jesus Christ is the ultimate wisdom of God for everyone to possess (Philippians 1:3, 6-8). You can not carry last if you have Jesus Christ!

Memory Verse: Eccl. 9:17 “The quiet words of the wise are to be needed more than the  shouting of a ruler among fools.”

PRAYER: Wisdom and knowledge come from You, Oh Lord; it is not the type that the world gives. Give me Your wisdom to guide me in all my daily activities through Jesus Christ.Amen.

Worthy is the Lamb! Halleluyah!

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