Devotional: Knowledge and Pride

Wednesday 8th March 2017
Read- Day: 1Cor. 1; Night: Lev. 12-13
Theme: Knowledge and Pride.
Text: 1 Corinthians 8:1-3
EMHB 70 – ( Stanza 2) – Pride of man and earthly glory.
Today, so many people have taken God’s Word for granted. To worsen the situation, the era of grace in which we find ourselves has been abused. People now glory over things that do not matter; are full of pride and arrongance even when they come to the house of God. Many have as well trivialized God’s laws and instructions. Education and enlightenment have jeopardized the fear of God in most people. This set of people forgot that pride goes before a fall.
Corinth, southern Greece, was filled with pagan temples and everybody was left to whatever he/she chose, especially the worshipping of idols. The practice of eating meat sacrificed to idols became a point of controversy between the factions in the Church at Corinth. In our day, we also have areas where Christians are forced into contact with the pagan world system. Some of the controversies Christians face today include whether a believer should drink alcoholic beverages, smoke cigarettes, play cards, wear make-ups, go dancing, listen to particular style of music, and play lottery, among others. The principle Paul shared in this passage can be applied. Yet, according to Paul, love which builds up rather than destroy should be the controlling factor in matters of what to drink or eat or put on  -in terms of being careful not to offend the faith and standing of others in Christ Jesus.  Remember what Jesus Christ said in Matthew 18:6-7.
The truth is that for one to understand the right behaviour suitable for the Church, one must let go his or her ‘knowledge’ and pride and invite God into one’s life. By so doing Christ will come into the person life and enlighten the person’s knowledge through the Holy Spirit which will help him or her know what is right to do, and the evil to avoid, what to eat or what not to eat what to say or what not to say e. Kindly let your own knowledge and pride go and allow Christ to come into your life and change it for the better.
Memory Verse: 1 Cor. 8:2 ” If any one imagines that he knows something, he does  not yet as he ought to know.”
PRAYER: Everlasting Father, increase my knowledge and remove pride from my life in Jesus’ name.Amen.
Worthy is Lamb!  Halleluyah!

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