DAILY REFLECTION – Wednesday 22nd March | The Duty God gave us

WEDNESDAY 22ND MARCH, 2017 READ – Day: 2 Cor 5-6; Night: Num 10-11
HYMN: EMHB 578 – A charge to keep I have

God created every man on earth for a purpose. And it is essential for every man to enjoy his or her work here on earth. Whichever way it is, you have to work before enjoyment can follow. Rest is sweet after labour. Work can become a toil when one loses the sense of purpose God intended it to be. When man sinned and was driven out of the Garden of Eden, God destined that he should work with his hands for his survival. One works to live, but if he works only to live in this life, eventually his work will end in frustration.
Man was originally created to Praise God and to worship Him. After the fall of man, God gave man work for the good of others. Though man may never in this life understand the totality of God’s work, he must work to the best of his knowledge and ability in compliance with the plan of God for creating this world. Man was the apex of God’s creation. He was to enjoy God’s creation and be fruitful and multiply as he became God’s kingdom agent. Man was given power to rule and to be creative. All these can be achieved through work to please God and others. It is in helping others to grow that man’s joy multiplies. Alas, man derailed from God’s plan and the work given him turned out to be laborious.
To live happily and do good are worthy goals for life, but one can pursue them in the wrong way. God, who gave us the duty of seeking the good of others, wants us to enjoy our labour. (Eccl. 2:24) “There is nothing better for a man, than that he should eat and drink, and that his soul should enjoy good in his labour”. Putting God in His right perspective will give man real pleasure in enjoying whatever gifts comes from Him, and not in whatever one has acquired. Seek the good of the people around you today and work toward their well-being. This is the duty God gave us in this world. How many people have you lifted up? Help to make others see the goodness of God.

MEMORY VERSE: Eccl. 3:12 “I know that nothing is better for them than to rejoice, and to do good in their lives”.

PRAYER: Gracious Lord, help us to always show Your love towards one another; working towards the good of others.

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