Daily Reflection: The Emmaus Discourse – Thursday 5th April 2018


TEXT: LUKE 24:28-49
MEMORY VERSE: LUKE 24:36 "while they were still talking about this,
Jesus Himself stood among them and said to them: "Peace be with you".
Today's text is about two of the appearances of Jesus Christ to His disciples individually and collectively.
Two unnamed disciples of Jesus were on their way to Emmaus, about 13km from Jerusalem, and Jesus
Christ joined and participated in their discussion concerning His gruesome murder of a man whom they
thought would be the Saviour of the world. They did not know that Jesus Christ was the One walking
with them. Jesus allowed the Emmaus-road disciples to display their ignorance because they had
forgotten all He told them earlier about Himself, His death and resurrection and the end of age when He
was with them. Even when Jesus tells us "I am with you always" in the power of the Holy Spirit, we care
less about His words. All the thoughts which disquiet our minds rise from the mistaken identity of Christ
we carry upon our hearts. Be it known to you that all your anxieties are known to Him.

Jesus Christ manifested Himself to the disciples in the echoes of His words "Peace be unto you". He also
performed His usual act when He was with them in the flesh as He blessed the bread, broke it before
them and gave it to them. Their inner minds were opened. And one said to the other: "Did not our heart
burn within us"? Instantly, their joy was restored and they were thereafter charged to witness about
Christ to the world. (Matt. 28: 18-20; Mk 16: 15; John 20: 21)

The disciples during the crucifixion were hopeless and dumb-founded in the first instance. They ran
away from the scene of crucifixion. The unresolved issue in their hearts kept their hearts burning. Many
a time, like the disciples, we worry about sundry issues. Most often our worries becloud our horizon to
the extent that we forget that Jesus Christ is in the midst of the problems we have. Our communion with
Christ will surely give us eternal joy and a hope of glory in His Kingdom where we will continually behold
His face if we remain steadfast in Him. There will be no sorrow, nor gnashing of teeth anymore!

PRAYER: Omnipotent God, reveal Your mighty power to us and open our eyes to behold Your presence
at all times in our lives in Jesus' name. Amen

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