DAILY REFLECTION – Sunday 12th March | RENEW your Strength

SUNDAY 12TH MARCH, 2017 READ-Day: 1 Cor. 7; Night: Lev. 21-22
TEXT: HEBREWS 12:12-17
HYMN: EMHB 24 – O God, my strength and fortitude,

Believers usually face challenges that they don’t know how to tackle, which bring discouragement and faithlessness. Burdens of afflictions often make the Christian’s hands to “hang down,” and his knees “grow feeble,” to dispirit him and discourage him; but against this he should strive, that he may run his spiritual race and course well.
Lifting up the hands which are weary and exhausted means renewing your courage and strength, making new effort to bear them. Our hands fall by the side when we are exhausted with toil or are worn out by disease (Isaiah 35:3), but we should strengthen our feeble knees in prayer, and God will bring solution. When our knees become feeble by long effort, and tremble as if their strength is gone, courage and resolution may do much to make them firm.
The hope of victory will do much to strengthen one who is almost exhausted in battle. The desire to reach home (heaven) invigorates the frame of the weary traveller. So it is with Christians in persecution, sickness, and bereavement. He may seem to sink under his burdens but confidence in God and the hope of heaven, with the assurance that all is for our good, will reinvigorate the feeble frame and enable us to move on again.
We need to be courageous no matter the situation we find ourselves. If we continue steadfastly in prayer (1Tim. 2:8), walk constantly in God’s ways, obey all His commandments (Ps. 119:48), patiently bearing all God’s corrections, live at peace with all men and embrace holiness, our feeble arms and weak knees will definitely be strengthened.

MEMORY VERSE: Heb. 12:12 “Therefore, strengthen your feeble arms and weak knees.”

PRAYER: Lord, renew my strength at all times so that I can serve Thee better in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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