Daily Reflection: REMAIN THERE/FRIDAY 13TH OCTOBER, 2017 

FRIDAY 13TH OCTOBER, 2017                                    READ – DAY: 2 Tim 3-4; Night: Hos 4-9


TEXT:     GENESIS 26:1-3

HYMN:  EMHB 862 – Wise men, seeking Jesus,


For every destiny there is a location for achievement and for every destiny’s location there are challenges associated with such environment. Yet, that location is the place of success.


As in the case of Isaac, his place of destiny, Gerar, was characterized with famine and wickedness. In spite of these, the Lord promised him blessing if he did not go to Egypt. Isaac obeyed the Lord and remained in Gerar and God blessed him there. The Bible says that God caused Abimelech to favour Isaac with kingship protection. Isaac then planted fields and God gave him great harvest.


Many of God’s children are jumping over their blessings today because of greed, impatience, lust, bad friend, etc. A man’s location or destiny may not be another’s location or destiny. This reminds me of a case where four brothers lived in a city but due to crises that engulfed the city, the others left, leaving the most junior who refused to go with them. Though he was called many names, it turned out that the very junior who stayed behind became the pillar of support for others who left.


Are you doing what you are doing or leaving for a new location because you see others doing that? Are you ready to travel abroad because your peers are doing so? Do you know that your success may be in Nigeria and not in America or Britain? Seek from God who is all-knowing, before taking any action.



MEMORY VERSE: Genesis 26:2 “The Lord spoke to Isaac and said, “Don’t go down to Egypt. Live in the land I command you to live in.””


PRAYER: Father, I bind and set fire on that spirit that may make me to abandon my place of success and I throw its ashes into the abyss in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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