THURSDAY 12TH OCTOBER, 2017                                            READ – DAY: 2 Tim 1-2; Night: Hos 1-3


TEXT:     PSALM 8:1-9

HYMN:  EMHB 29 – All things praise Thee, Lord most high;


Genesis 1:26 gives the account of how man was created in the image of God. It was by God’s own design that He created man and blessed him above other creations. He could, at creation, have placed man under any of the other living things by His own power. After all, no man can query God.


However, by God’s own design He chose that the man should be in His very likeness and be the head of all other creatures. Why this special favour? Revelation 4:11 says that all things were created for His pleasure. It then means that man must take care and position the other creations for the worship (pleasure) of the Almighty God.


In our text, David says he considers the greatness of all creations: the heavens, the moon and stars, yet man is given much more important honour than them. Verses 4 & 5, state: “and I wonder,” why are people so important to You? Why do You even think about them? But You made them almost like gods and crowned them with glory and honour”.


It was never by mistake that man was so designed. The best reason for this is that ‘Only the one made in God’s likeness can represent Him better and give Him the quality praise, worship or service He deserves. How are you using your talents to worship Him? Let Him have every minute of your life praising Him.


MEMORY VERSE: Psalm 8:4 “And I wonder, why are people important to You? Why do You even think about them? Why do You care so much about them?”


PRAYER: Lord, I know that You made me in Your image to fulfil Your purpose here on earth. Always lead me, Mighty Father, to those things I am designed to accomplish in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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