SUNDAY 29TH OCTOBER, 2017                                 READ – DAY: John 12; Night: Jer 5-6


TEXT:     PROVERBS 26:1-11

HYMN:  EMHB 549 – Lord, that I may learn of Thee

The word of God says a fool is somebody who does not have control over his/her tongue, whose words do not edify others and who deserves no honour.  At various times in our lives we have met people who dressed us down and hurt us with the words of their mouth, people who made jest of us or even abused us directly. These kinds of people are referred to as fools by the Bible. They may be younger or older than you or even your mates, and, most times, you wonder how one should respond to such people.

Most people feel dejected, others feel discouraged while others just leave the environment.  But the Word of God is very instructive in this regard. It tells us in Proverbs 26: 4 not to answer a fool according to his foolishness.  For instance a man of God was teaching in a secondary school whose principal was very wayward and worldly. One day, she told the man of God “Tell your fellowship members to always wear better clothes and hair-do, not all those sorrowful cover-up clothes they wear. Anyway, I am not surprised even you, your clothes are not worth up N5”.  The man of God was very relaxed. He smiled and answered: “Thank you, Ma. In fact, everything I wear costs just N3.50k.”  The woman felt foolish and said “These Christians, there is nothing you say that would annoy them”.  The man said “Thank you Ma” with a smile and left.

From the story, if the man of God had decided to respond or answer the principal according to her folly, they both would have displayed a lot of foolishness.  It is important to treat a fool with wisdom by either keeping quiet when they talk because Isaiah 30:15b says “In quietness and confidence shall be your strength”. Determine to be joyful, no matter what anybody says because the fool’s words are aimed at making you sad.  It is also important to have a positive outlook towards things, and by the help of the Holy Spirit, it will be difficult for anybody to weigh you down.

A very important question you should ask yourself is: “Are the words of my mouth edifying others or are they mere foolish talk?” This is important because as a Christian, you have to ensure that you do not become an instrument for the devil by the words of your mouth.  May the Lord help us to be wise in speech at all times in Jesus’ name.


MEMORY VERSE: “Do not answer a fool according to his folly, lest you also be like him.”(Proverb 26:4)


PRAYER: Father, guide my heart, tame my tongue and control my actions to be in conformity with Your perfect will in Jesus’ name.

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