SUNDAY 10TH DECEMBER, 2017                                                              READ – DAY: Luke 8:26-56; Night: Dan 1-2


TEXT:    MATTHEW 17:1-8

HYMN: EMHB 718 – Jesus, we look to Thee,

According to 1Cor. 1:23-24 Jesus Christ is the Power and the Wisdom of God. He is the Way, the Truth and Life (John 14:16). God Himself confirms it in Matt.17:5b. He is the Saviour of the world, too.

Our study today will talk more on the person of Jesus Christ. He is the Heart of His Father, the whole body cannot function without the heart beating normally. Nothing is hidden from Jesus about us. Alll things created because He was there at the very beginning of the world. He is the Mediator between man and God (1 Tim.2:5).

In Matt. 5:7b God deliberately made a statement with a sense of supreme authority that Jesus is His beloved Son, with whom He is well pleased, and that we should listen to Him.

If Jesus Christ is truly the Mediator, Saviour, Alpha and Omega, Provider, Counsellor, the Giver of life, etc, then we have no option than to follow Him. He will show us the way to God and bring us out of any mess we find ourselves.

Remember we cannot do anything without Jesus Christ. We cannot see God without passing through the Door as He is. He has seen God and has been to Him. We do not know the way and cannot receive anything from Him (God) unless we have the link which is Jesus Christ. He was with the Father from the beginning and will remain with Him forever. Come to Jesus Christ. He will take you to His Father and give you peace on all fronts.

Jesus is the right channel to life.

MEMORY VERSE Matt. 17:5b “This is my beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased; listen to Him.”

PRAYER: Eternal Father, open my eyes of understanding to know the truth that Jesus is the Way to eternity that He is the Truth and the Life.

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