DAILY REFLECTION: God’s Sovereignty

WEDNESDAY 26TH APRIL, 2017 READ – Day: Mark 2; Night: Josh 16-18
TEXT: PSALM 135:5-14
HYMN: EMHB 506 – My spirit on Thy care

Our God is unquestionable in all His ways; no one gives Him counsel neither does He consult anyone before He takes any decision. The works of His hands are visible in heaven, the earth, in seas and in the depths of the waters. No wonder Ps. 19:1 talks about the heavens declaring the glory of God and the sky showing the works of His hands.
It’s amazing when we pause and ponder on the works his hands have made and His terrific works in righteousness. If He wants to defend His people, He can make waste a whole nation. The consistency of the sun ruling the day and the moon ruling the night can never be reversed- it is His handiwork! Whatever He says, cannot be overruled by any judge of the world. He is the only one that knows the number of stars in the galaxy and calls them each by name to ensure they are in place. What an awesome God.
Can you pause and consider the works of the Most High exhibited in nature and worship His awesome majesty. It is then advisable for you today to submit the administration of your life under His rule.

MEMORY VERSE: Psalm 135:6 “The Lord does whatever pleases him, in the heavens and on the earth, in the seas and all their depths.”

PRAYER: To you be all the glory and honour forever more. Take glory in all my ways and may I not have any reason to question your authority all the days of my life.

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