Daily Reflection: GO NOT TO EGYPT/FRIDAY 6TH OCTOBER, 2017

FRIDAY 6TH OCTOBER, 2017                                                                      READ – DAY: Col 3; Night: Isaiah 48-50


TEXT:      ISAIAH 31:1-3

HYMN: EMHB 634 – Will your Anchor hold in the storms of life?

Israel’s knowledge of Egypt is vast. For over 400 years, Israel had lived in Egypt, and knew much of her rather week military strength, her human and natural endowment as well as what she was worth. The experience with Egypt was however deceptive for Israel often thought she could go down there to get help forgotten so quickly that Israel was the people who made Egypt what it was, through the forced labour they were compelled to offer during their sojourn there. God, however, delivered Irael from the slavery of so-many years.

The situation of the nation (Nigeria) is so challenging that many Christians are thinking of finding alternatives to God’s solution. Dearly beloved of God, we have gone too far in this journey to think otherwise. Let me encourage you that God is still God. Think of His many blessings you have enjoyed. Think of His promises of doing greater things in the years to come.

Friend, know that danger awaits anyone that goes back to Egypt (i.e. his or her past). In verse 3b, the Lord says, He will stretch out His arm, and the helper will be defeated. And even those who wanted help will fall. Both of them will be destroyed. We cannot go back to our vomit like a dog. Stand firm and see the salvation of the Lord.

MEMORY VERSE: Isaiah 31:1 “Look at the people going down to Egypt for help. They think the horses they get can help them. They hope the many chariots and powerful soldiers will protect them. But the people don’t trust the Holy One of Israel. They didn’t ask the Lord for help”.

PRAYER: Lord, help me that when I am tempted by Satan to forsake You despite all Your blessings for me and my family, let Your Word whisper to my ears and bring me back to my right senses in Christ Jesus’

name I pray. Amen.

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