DAILY REFLECTION: Friday 14th April| Why should he DIE?

FRIDAY 14TH APRIL 2017 (GOOD FRIDAY) READ – Day: 1 Thess 1-2; Night: Deut 23-24
TEXT: JOHN 18:1-19
HYMN: EMHB 195 – He dies! the Friend of sinners dies!

Caiaphas was right that someone ought to die for the people. I do not think he knew why. I do not think he knew who should. Who knows if he even thought of the expediency? Thank God we now know.
The one who should die must be sinless and holy. He must not be a person who is under the curse that ran from Adam. He must be a man having blood in his veins and ability to suffer pain. He cannot be an angel or a spirit. Jesus fits in well.
The reason why someone must die is because atonement for sin has to be made by pure (holy) human blood before sin can be forgiven and cancelled. Heaven after death can only be possible if the middle wall of partition is broken by the death of the Holy One. Living a holy life will not be possible without the sprinkling by the shed blood. In short-man would be completely damned and forever under the curse of Adam if Jesus had not died. It thrills me to know that Jesus knew that no one else, apart from Him, was fit to help us, yet He did so even at a time when we were enemies of God His Father. What a sacrifice?

MEMORY VERSE: John 18:14: Now Caiaphas was he which gave counsel to the Jews, that it was expedient that one man should die for the people.

PRAYER: May the death of Christ not be vain in my life. O Jesus, my Hope, help me to appropriate the sacrifice You willingly made for me on the Cross to free me from the everlasting bondage of sin.

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