Daily Reflection: Epitome of Humanity (Holy Tuesday) – TUESDAY 27TH MARCH, 2018



TEXT: MARK 14:27-42
MEMORY VERSE: MARK 14:33 “He took Peter, James and John along with Him, and He began to be deeply distressed and troubled.”

Jesus Christ was on the “last lap” of the race of fulfilling His purpose of leaving His glory in Heaven and coming to this sinful world (Philippians 2:5 ff). On this Holy Tuesday he predicted His death as recorded in John 12:20-36. Isaiah’s great message is that the Son of God shall become the servant of God in order that He might die to redeem the world. Mark records how the sufferings of Jesus in Gethsemane and on Calvary fulfil the prophecies of Isaiah in Isaiah 53:2-12.

Jesus Christ, like any man, was sorely distressed when He was approaching the garden of Gethsemane. He felt the full weight of the sin of the world which He carried. He expresses His feelings so that we may know that He is both human and divine. The disciples were in contrast to Jesus Christ even in the face of His ordeal at Gethsemane. The disciples were sleeping while Jesus was praying. The disciples could not watch and pray. No wonder, they left Jesus Christ alone when they were needed most. Jesus had every reason to wear a toga of pride because of His exalted position as God the Son but did not do so. This, not withstanding, human and divine nature of Jesus Christ came into play. He finally prayed that the will of God should be done. He took the role of a servant. He was sold as a slave for 30 pieces of silver (about $19) like Joseph of old. Inspite of all odds, Jesus stooped to conquer.

How many of us in exalted positions can take the role of a servant? Even though politicians profess to be public servants, to what extent do they do so? Jesus did what an ordinary man cannot do; He humbled Himself to the last. He was exalted from the grave to heaven above the sky and stayed on the right hand of God; He will be there to judge the quick and the dead. Cling on to Him today so that you will reign with Him eternally.


PRAYER: Teach me, O Lord, to be humble. Help me to love You and fellowmen. Remove any iota of pride from my life and help me to always do Your will. Amen.

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