TUESDAY 19TH DECEMBER, 2017                                                            READ – DAY: Luke 14; Night: Ezr  9-10


TEXT:     HEBREWS 10:35-39

HYMN:  EMHB 511 – Begone, unbelief; my Saviour is near

Today’s encouragement from Hebrews 10:35 tells us not to throw away our confidence in the Lord because it has great  reward.

Often times, man is shortsighted regarding many things happening around him. The Omniscient God, from time to time, reveals secret things to us. All of this is at His prerogative. He may decide not to give us the fore-knowledge of some things, if that knowledge will harm our souls. What this implies is that whatever happens around us in our Christian pilgrimage, we must not charge God with foolishness. We must believe the Word of God which says ‘All things work together for good to them that love God; to them who are called according to his purpose’ (Rom 8:28.)

A woman gave birth to her baby prematurely through Caesarean Section (CS). She suffered so much in the pregnancy but her joy knew no bound when she had the baby. The baby was in the hospital incubator and she herself was recuperating on an hospital bed. However, the child died some days later and the pain of the loss was so much on the woman, almost to the extent of her saying she would not pray to God again. Thank God she overcame the shock and she is back on her feet, serving the Lord.

Beloved, you have to make up your mind that nothing will make you lose your confidence in this God. If He allows any pain at all, it is for your good in the end. God is not like taskmasters that derive joy in the pain of their slaves! Whatever you are passing through at the moment, do not lose your confidence in God. Be patient; God is not a late-comer in anything.

MEMORY VERSE: HEB. 10:35 “Cast not away therefore your confidence, which hath great recompense of reward”

PRAYER: Righteous God, uphold me with Your powerful hand. May I neither deny You nor lose my confidence in You all my life, through Jesus Christ my Lord. Amen.

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