Daily Reflection: Be Consistent in Prayer/THURSDAY 7TH DECEMBER, 2017

THURSDAY 7TH DECEMBER, 2017                                          READ – DAY: Luke 6; Night: Ezk 42-44


TEXT:     1THESSALONIANS 5:17, LUKE 18:1-5

HYMN: EMHB 541 – Pray, without ceasing, pray

It is clear to us all that nobody has ever been to the Father (God) in heaven except Jesus Christ. He who has been to the Father is the One who knows the heart of the Father and can tell us what is better presented before Him. However, we can reach God through fervent prayers

Jesus Christ opened the eyes of those who were with Him and wanted them to know about the Father with a parable of a widow who troubled a king that had no fear of God to avenge for her adversary.  The widow cried and disturbed the king often. The king had no option than to accede to her request.  In this parable, Jesus makes it clear to us that if we are persistent in prayer, knocking at the door of heaven through Jesus, in prayer, there is nothing to be done than for God to rise in our favour.

How often do you pray? Once or twice daily? Only on Sundays or when the need arises? There are prayers we pray not once but many times before the prayer would be answered. I remember the story of a woman who lived with her husband for many years. The husband was a drunkard, a womanizer and a man who beat his wife regularly.  The wife felt uncomfortable and picked the matter up as her prayer point daily. Years later, an event happened to the man and he was totally changed; he became born again!  While testifying in church, he said “thanks to my wife who has never been tired of praying for me and my salvation.  Now, her prayer has been answered”.

Don’t be tired; pray and pray until something good happens to your life and destiny. Be a man of prayer. Be a priest in your house and let those around you know that you don’t joke with prayers. God answers prayers, doesn’t He?


PRAYER: I receive the power of persistent prayer now and evermore in Jesus’ name.

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