TUESDAY 24TH OCTOBER, 2017                                               READ – DAY: John 8:31-59; Night: Zehp 1-3


TEXT:     MARK 5:1-8

HYMN: EMHB 820– Who is on the Lord’s side?



During the earthly ministry of Jesus Christ in Palestine, He was always moving from one region to the other, preaching, teaching and demonstrating the power of the gospel to people.  This was confirmed by Peter in Acts 10:38.  May Jesus visit you today with His mighty power. Amen


After Jesus had taught for some time by the lake in Galilee, he told the disciples that they should move to the other side (Mark 4:35).  While they were travelling with Jesus in a boat to the other side, a dangerous storm confronted them but Jesus calmed the storm (Mark 4:37-39).  Today, every storm threatening your progress, education, marriage, occupation, business, etc, shall be calmed in Jesus’ name.  When they finally got to the other side (Gadara), the first person that confronted them was a terrible, fearful, demon-possessed man.  This man lived in the tomb, night and day. He would shout and cut himself with stones. No man was strong enough to subdue him and he often broke any iron chains whenever his hands and legs were tied. (Mark 5:2-5; Matt. 8:28-33; Luke 8:26-36).  But when he met the Prince of peace, the legion of demons in him surrendered to the authority of Jesus and the man was completely delivered and made whole.

As you are reading this devotional text in faith, the mighty power of God shall come upon you and give you total deliverance in Jesus’ name.  The way to the other side of life is often characterized by stormy situations and the other side, as described by Apostle Paul, can be filled with opposition, persecution, pains, lack, suffering, trouble, hatred, intimidation and other life-threatening challenges.

However, when we move at the instruction of Jesus and maintain our trust and confidence in Him, all the afflictions of the other side will be turned to blessings and glorious testimony.  So, no matter the situation, don’t give up because your affliction is but for a moment (2 Cor. 4:16-18) and everything will surely work for your good in Jesus’ name.  (Rom. 8:28)

MEMORY VERSE: Mark 5:1 “Then, they came to the other side of the sea, to the country of the Gadarenes.”


PRAYER: Gracious God, empower me with the strength to overcome every obstacle on my way and turn my troubles to breakthrough and fulfilments in Jesus’ name.

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