DAILY REFLECTION: Action and Motives | Saturday 8th April

SATURDAY 8TH APRIL, 2017 READ – Day: Phil 3; Night: Deut 7-9
TEXT: ESTHER 5: 3-8; 1 SAMUEL 18:20-23
HYMN: EMHB 550 – O for a heart to praise my God,

Many of our activities or actions are right and justifiable by law. Such actions could be carried out by a clergy, a layman, a politician, civil servant, business man or an ordinary man. But if God who judges and weighs the motives of man looks at such activities, He will reject them. A good example was the story of the woman caught in adultery whom the Jews brought to Jesus. The legal procedure was that the woman must be stoned to death. But the accusers had a different motive altogether. They were seeking to trap Jesus Himself and not the woman! How wicked some people are!
I just want to ask you: what is the motive behind those actions of yours in your family, between you and your spouse? Between you and your brothers, sisters or neighbours? What are the motives behind your actions in your office, church, community, etc; between you and your colleagues, fellow workers, customers, members, etc? You may be legally right but when God who searches the heart and weighs your motives looks at your actions, will He not judge otherwise and condemn you?
In 2Sam 11, King David was so gracious to ask Joab to send Uriah to come home and rest from his toil and risk at the war front. But you know that the motive was completely wrong. It is true, the person you are dealing with, or your members or the other colleagues may not understand but God who weighs your motive knows your reasons for your actions.
Today is the day of Salvation. Why not have a rethink and refrain from that evil motive for God will judge, one after the other, your actions. Whether good or evil, the all-knowing God sees everything (Heb. 4:13.)

MEMORY VERSE: Prov. 16: 2 “All of a man’s ways seem innocent to him, but motives are weighed by the Lord” (NIV)

PRAYER: Help me Lord to serve You and humanity with a pure heart.

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