THURSDAY 30TH NOVEMBER, 2017                                       READ – DAY: Luke 1:1-38; Night: Ezk 25-27



HYMN: EMHB 615 – Guide me oh Thou great Jehovah

Folly is foolishness or a foolish act. A young, beautiful undergraduate, whose grade from her 100 level had placed her in First Class, has in her final year a compulsory course in which she scored rather low. The low score and the status of the course could drop her from graduating with a First Class. She had opportunity to see the score before the result was released. She was perturbed about this development. A randy lecturer, who had been looking for an opportunity to sleep with the lady, told her that if she gave Him a chance her low score would be changed. Out of foolishness the lady agreed to sleep with the randy lecturer. A few months later, the lady tested positive to the AIDS virus and she died of it. Her foolishness caused her death!

A little folly can lead to everlasting destruction of career, family relationship; ruin the integrity that has been built for many years to the extent that unborn generations can still share from its scare. Folly comes when one is making a decision and there is always a thin dividing line between it and wisdom.

The passage considers the rigour of making perfume which takes a lot of time, energy and carefulness in mixing various chemicals to bring out the desired fragrance. Some perfumes can bring attraction of Godly spiritual beings which indicate that they were produced under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. But no matter how good a perfume may be, if the container is left open and flies perch on it, the smell of the dead flies destroys the sweet aroma. Therefore, a little folly destroys the joy of many years of labour. The Bible says it outweighs wisdom which is the application of knowledge and renders honour into dishonour.

Hezekiah gave chance for a little folly when he was the king of Judah and that began the end of the nation (II Kg. 20:12 – 19).     The antidote for a foolish decision or action is to allow the Holy Spirit to be your teacher and the word of God a lamp unto your feet.

MEMORY VERSE:  Ecclesiastes 10:3 “Yea also, when he that is a fool walketh by the way, his wisdom faileth him and he saith to everyone that he is a fool!”

PRAYER: Father, give me a discerning spirit in order not to fall into the deception of Satan in taking wrong decisions and acting wrongly, through Jesus Christ my Lord. Amen.

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