LENT2017: DAY 9: Compulsory Busyness


DAILY PRAYER REQUEST: Lord, teach me how to listen to you.


One of our biggest obstacles to listening to God is our constant busyness. We fill our days with so much to do, people to see, tasks to accomplish, deadlines to meet and appointments to keep. Even though being busy stresses us out, we find it hard not to be busy. In the midst of our busy lives, Jesus invites us to follow him into the desert. If we don’t take this invitation seriously, we run the risk of missing out on what God may want to say to us. This is why carving out time and space in our busy daily schedules for meeting with God in our “desert space” is so critical. Our “desert space” is our protest against the obstacle of our compulsive busyness.


Pray your daily prayer request. In the quietness of your “desert space”, look over your usual way of going through the day. What are the main things that make it hard for you to turn up for your daily appointment with God? Talk with God about these things and listen to what God may be saying to you. Are there any ways in which you can reshape your life to curb unnecessary busyness?

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