#Lent2016: Day 9

“Day 9: The House”
Text: 2Samuel 7:11-17
King David, finally settled in his cedar home, desired a house for the ark of God. However, the word of...


#Lent2016: Day 8

Text: 1Samuel 2: 27 – 36, Leviticus 16:13

“Day 8: The Priest”

Do you want the wrongs of this world to be righted? In this text, we...


#Lent2016: Day 7

“Day 7: The Prayer”
Within these ten verses there are two stories. The first is Hannah’s, a barren woman who desired to have a child and a life...


#Lent2016: Day 6

“Day 6: The Passover”
Text: Exodus 12:1-13

The account of the Passover with which Israel begins its exit out of Egypt and slavery is in many ways...


#Lent2016: Day 5

Text: Revelation 5, Genesis 49:8-12
“Day 5: The Lion”

On his deathbed Jacob prophesied the future of each of his twelve children, foreseeing their...