7 Christian Leaders Arrested Protesting Trump’s Budget Proposal on Capitol Hill

Seven left-leaning Christian leaders were arrested on Monday after protesting inside of a congressional office building on Capitol Hill in opposition to President Donald Trump’s “immoral” budget proposal.

The seven detainees were a part of a large group of left-leaning Mainline Protestant leaders who demonstrated outfront of the United Methodist Building on Maryland Avenue around noon Monday as part of the annual “Ecumenical Advocacy Days for Global Peace with Justice.”

The leaders called Trump’s budget proposal, which would cut many aid programs and increase military and border security spending, “sinful.”

After a handful of faith leaders representing the United Methodist Church, the Presbyterian Church (USA), the United Church of Christ, the Progressive National Baptist Convention and other organizations spoke outside the Methodist building, those gathered prayed for Congress to reject Trump’s budget proposal, saying that it “invests in war at the expense of poor and marginalized people.”

Following the prayer, dozens of participants marched a short distance to the Hart Senate Office Building.

Once inside the building, the participants who were willing to risk being arrested for civil disobedience dropped to their knees in a circle and began praying and singing spiritual songs like “Wade in the Water” and “We Who Believe in Freedom Cannot Rest.”

A Capitol Hill police officer warned the faith leaders over a bullhorn that they would be arrested if they did not halt their act of civil disobedience. After a couple minutes, a team of officers surrounded the demonstrators, apprehended them and led them away.

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